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May's Crate (Women's)

Rayon Challis Fabric (4 Color Options)
Thread Spool Magnetic Pin Storage
Sallie Tomato Lucky Penny Wallet Kit
Sew Creative Planner w/Pen
"Be Bold" Dress from Ellie & Mac

April's Crate (Women's)

Modal Fabric (4 Color Options)
Electric Seam Ripper
Stay Tape
Floral Tweezers
Button Top Sewing Pins
ThreadCrate Shirt
"Katharine" Dress Pattern by Sonia Estep Designs

March's Crate

Waffle Knit Fabric (4 Color Options)
Color Coordinating Thread
Buttonhole Cutter Set
Stitch Witchery
Taylors Chalk
Seam Gauge Ruler
"Pepper" Sweater pattern by Made For Mermaids

February's Crate

Black Ponte Fabric
Chrome & Rainbow Ombre Zipper
"Handmade" Buttons
Sewing Themed Keychain
Sewing Themed Mug
Bobbin Saver
"Makers Gonna Make" Tote Bag
Thread Saver

Previous Crate Notions & Tools

Here are a few of our previous crate notions & tools!


We have a variety of fabric choices to choose from each month! Here are a few from our Decemeber & April Crate's!